Happy Spring!!

March was a great month for me to take off! I always do, and it always is, because we go to a warm place with a lot of sunshine. But this year while I was busy bicycling, so many of you here at home were also getting vaccinated. It’s been great hearing from people who manage to find a place to get a shot, and seeing the news that the eligible groups keep expanding.


So as I return to work in April, does it feel any different? I would say definitively YES. Inside, I know that I am safer and able to create an even safer place for each of you. Although I do still stand a chance of contracting Covid, with my fully vaccinated system I am very unlikely to get seriously ill. 


However, on the outside, nothing will change in the office. As of this writing, Nature’s Storehouse is still limiting the number of customers shopping, and the rear entrance, where you come to knock for entry to the massage room, is still locked. The restroom is not open to the public. I will ask you to wash or sanitize your hands upon entering the room. Both you and I  will be wearing masks since I will continue to follow CDC guidelines. When you are facedown, I have a great system of a pillowcase draped under the face rest, so you are able to remove your mask during that time. When you are face-up, I upgrade to a face shield in addition to my mask.

The positivity rate for our county has been dropping, and I am returning to offering 90-minute sessions in May. Please inquire if you would like to increase your massage time to 90 minutes. 


I have never stopped offering Lomi Lomi and Thai massage. There is a description of each of these here on my website. They are each an extremely different and delightful way to enjoy the magic of bodywork. Maybe you would like to try something new!


Lastly, there will be a price increase beginning May 1. One hour will increase to $70, and 90 minutes to $105. Thirty minutes will remain the same at $40. If you are a regular, consider the package: Ten one-hour massages for the discounted price of $630. 

Thank you. 


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RE: Covid-19 Safety awareness...

I am extremely aware of the guidelines for your safety and look forward to welcoming you back.

In Canton & Morristown, NY



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