The world is opening up!!

It is both exciting and a bit nerve-wracking to begin to see people’s faces in a place that we have not been seeing them: INDOORS. Nature’s Storehouse has opened the rear entrance and put up a new sign about mask-wearing. It says that those who are fully vaccinated are welcome to enter with no mask if they like. Masks are still required for those who are not vaccinated. 


Here is how those changes affect my office: you no longer need to knock at the back door. Come right into the store, and ring the bells (yes, the bells are back!). Please continue to arrive for your appointment no more than five minutes before our scheduled time. Because behind the scenes, I am still doing all kinds of cleaning, sanitizing, changing, and airing, and need all that time between.

While masks are no longer required for vaccinated persons in the store, you and I will both still be wearing them in the massage room. We are in much closer contact, and the space is enclosed. I do use a HEPA air filter and air out the room, but NYS still recommends keeping the face-covering in place.

It is lovely that you can now combine your massage time with shopping at Nature’s. Except for those few people who embraced the stair-stepping for their exercise, most will find it a great improvement. 

I can’t thank everyone enough for being so committed and agreeable to everything I have asked of you during this difficult year. I am just so pleased to be able to be back to work and am thrilled to have given hundreds of massages since opening back up in September 2020... with not a single Covid case transmitted. It’s only going to get better, thanks to everyone’s attentiveness. 

I am so grateful to all of you, and the staff at Nature’s, for keeping our workplace safe and still fun. Every day I am smiling the BIG smile just to be able to get my own self-serve coffee!

Be safe, and remember that many young people have not been vaccinated. Stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms of fever, cough, or cold. Hasn’t it been great to be free from most communicable diseases for a year? Let’s keep it up. 


Love and peace, 


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RE: Covid-19 Safety awareness...

I am extremely aware of the guidelines for your safety and look forward to welcoming you back.

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