Almost Spring!


Dear friends and clients,


Spring really is coming! All my life, I have been aware that no matter what else is happening, the world will thaw out and the seeds will germinate. We can count on it. It’s very exciting, as well as super comforting! 


As of today, the CDC Community Level rating for our county remains “low”.  I loved seeing this pop up at the beginning of the month, and the fact that it is sustaining for a few weeks is encouraging. Masks have not been mandatory at schools since the beginning of March also, and still our numbers are managing to stay in the low range. 


As a result of this change, Nature’s Storehouse, the home of our office, has decided to take down the “Masks Required” sign. Staff of the store will continue to wear masks for now, as they are exposed to so many people all day long. Customers are welcome to wear masks if they prefer, of course. 


What does this mean in the massage room? I take my responsibility to all my clients very seriously. In two years, no cases of covid 19 have been passed to anyone via their massage. Since we are in a closed room and working so closely together, I will continue to require clients to wear a mask for the time being. I will wear a mask myself out of consideration for all of you. There will always be a pillowcase under the face rest, so that you don’t need to have a mask while prone (face down). Then it will go back on when you turn face up.


I will keep the air purifier going. I continue to ask that you show up  just 5 minutes before your appointment, so that I can kick up the ventilation between clients, including lots of time to air out the room between appointments. I love that not only I, but now you, too wash or sanitize your hands before the massage, as I feel that will continue to protect Jean and me from colds as well as Covid. 


When the CDC gives the go ahead for masks to be optional in healthcare settings, we will stop requiring them in the massage room too. 


I am excited about this positive trend away from illness, worry, and strain. Please continue to cancel without guilt or consequence if you think you may have been exposed to covid, or feel any symptoms whatsoever. This is part of the new normal for the massage office! Let’s all agree it is not fun receiving a massage when you are not feeling well, plus we don’t want your cold. Thank you for being considerate!


Jean is back in the office on Wednesdays. I no longer work at home one day a week, so have graduated to a four day work week. I love having more time to be outdoors, relax, and receive my own bodywork!


Life is good, and I have you wonderful people to thank for it. Let’s continue to pay attention, and not forget about people who are more vulnerable than ourselves. You never know what the person nearby may be going through. Thank you for hanging in there with all the changes.


Contact me anytime with any questions or concerns. 


Love and peace, 


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RE: Covid-19 Safety awareness...

I am extremely aware of the guidelines for your safety and look forward to welcoming you.

In Canton, NY


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