Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold...


Dear clients and friends, 


Everyone is different.

During your massage, it is of great importance to me that you are as comfortable as possible. The massage room is air conditioned, and I have complete control over the temperature. So when you are on the table, as your body settles down, you may notice you would like it cooler, warmer, need a bed buddy for your feet or hands. Uncover your feet. Please be like Goldilocks and let’s get it just right! It’s your time, your massage, and it is my job to make every little adjustment so that you can completely relax. 


I have something new to offer to you: a 75 minute option. You know how sometimes 60 minutes just seems a bit short? But you don’t want to go “all the way” to an hour and a half? An hour and 15 might just give you that extra time that is perfect. (Reminds me of the snooze alarm option; just a little more, please?)


Some people may opt to ask for the extra time on a specific area, such as feet, scalp, or sinus work. It could give us time to add some delicious stretching. Perhaps just knowing there is a little time left is reason enough. The cost will be $85.

Let me know what you need this season! What I like best is working on just what you need, at the pressure you love, for as long as you like. 


Covid updates: Thank you for continuing to be considerate by wearing a mask to your session, and washing or sanitizing your hands before you get on the table.

I very much appreciate your decision to reschedule if you have a cold or are having any symptoms. Arriving just 5 minutes before your session give me enough time to sanitize and air out the room. As my clients, you are welcome to use the restroom at Nature’s before or after your massage. 


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Peace and love, 


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RE: Covid-19 Safety awareness...

I am extremely aware of the guidelines for your safety and look forward to welcoming you.

In Canton, NY


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