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About Bellanina Facial Massage

Bellanina Facelift Massage begins with thoroughly cleansing the face, using a pure, wholesome facial cleanser and warm towels to soften the skin. 

An extra-long massage of your face is done with luxurious aromatherapy oils. Using whipping, tapping, acupressure, contouring strokes, and manual lymph drainage, blood and oxygen are stimulated to nourish, rejuvenate and tone the muscles and skin of the face. Special attention is given to acupressure points to help the energy flow.  Your hands and feet are massaged to warm and relax the whole body. 


The face is then moisturized with crèmes containing the finest natural bio-extracts to feed and nourish the skin. At the completion of your Facelift Massage treatment, your scalp is massaged.  Many people actually fall asleep during the session...saying that The Bellanina Facelift Massage is more relaxing than a normal full-body massage.

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